"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh"


- Dr. Frank N Furter


Hello Sugar... 

1 hour               350

2 hrs                  600

3 hrs                  900

4 hrs               1200

Oh Fudge...     

Timeless Dinner         1500

Sleepover (10 hrs)     2200

Half day (12hrs)         3000

Full day (24 hrs)         6500

A sweet spot...

Social Time 150/hr

(no intimacy)

Listed rates are applicable for the Greater Montreal area. Differing rates may apply for tours and travel.

Arrangement-style packages are available upon inquiry. 

Couples +100/hr.



Home is where the heart is, but I think truly that home is where the heart opens.... Allow me to welcome you into a clean, comfortable, discreet location where we can get better acquainted, and allow our hearts to open.  

Connection is valuable and experience is irreplaceable, so what are we waiting for? 

Let's make a full evening of it, and go for a Timeless Dinner, where we can cook, eat, drink, and partake in other wonderfully sensual pleasures - off the clock.

What playful tricks are you going to use to coax out my intoxicating smile?

Contact Me

I see you shiver with anticipation, but I promise the wait is almost over! If you've been good and done all the reading you should, you will pass this pop quiz with flying colors! 

Start with your name and email so we can continue our correspondence! Then, tell me a little bit about yourself. Think of it as a mini job interview or perhaps an audition!

But please, don't be too nervous, I won't be your boss all the time...


Next, make a selection of how you would prefer to meet, as well as a date and time. If you have multiple available dates or are looking to schedule a multi-day or travel booking please make sure to specify that while making your introduction. 


Finally, check mark that box confirming you have perused my site fully and consent to my screening protocol. 

(A reminder can be found right here)

That's it! You're all done! Not too horribly scary, right?

If we are a compatible match, and our stars (and dates) align, I will be in touch with you very soon! 


© 2020 by Daphne Noire

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