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"Give yourself over to absolute pleasure
Swim the warm waters of sins of the flesh"


- Dr. Frank N Furter


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Hello Sugar... 

1 hour               350

2 hrs                  600

3 hrs                  900

4 hrs               1200

Oh Fudge...     

Timeless Dinner         1500

Sleepover (10 hrs)     2200

Half day (12hrs)         3000

Full day (24 hrs)         6500

A sweet spot...

Social Time 150/hr

(no intimacy)

Listed rates are applicable for the Greater Montreal area. Differing rates may apply for tours and travel.

Arrangement-style packages are available upon inquiry. 

Couples +100/hr.




Home is where the heart is, but I think truly that home is where the heart opens.... Allow me to welcome you into a clean, comfortable, discreet location where we can get better acquainted, and allow our hearts to open.  

Connection is valuable and experience is irreplaceable, so what are we waiting for? 

Let's make a full evening of it, and go for a Timeless Dinner, where we can cook, eat, drink, and partake in other wonderfully sensual pleasures - off the clock.

What playful tricks are you going to use to coax out my intoxicating smile?

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